Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In The Beginning...

Hello, hello!  I am excited to be starting this adventure and can't wait to share my ideas with other "crafty ladies" (and gentlemen, too).  I hope readers will feel inspired to create something they love.  I am going to dive head-first into the best, in my opinion, crafting seasons of the year: Fall and Winter!  Although my home is decked with leaves and pumpkins already, I have several ideas on how to add to my decor.  And, let's face it, Christmas is just around the corner.  It's time to get started on this year's decorations as I have long since chose a theme. 
What readers can expect: I will post pics of things I make and occassional instructions, if need be.  I craft frequently, so I'm hoping to add new items at least weekly.  Feel free to contact me with any ideas on how to improve the items I make or questions on how to DIY them, too.
My main theme in most of my crafting is country/primitive.  I don't like to go "over the top" with the primitive theme, but I love antiques and items that appear to be well-used and gracefully aged.  I have several antique items that I may post pics of, simply because they were well used and have a certain art quality to them.  I draw inspiration from antique items and these pics may help another crafter, too.  I love positive comments and look forward to hearing the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of other crafters both young and old!